How to practice maturity and become a peacemaker in the midst of post-election chaos

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Photo shot by Jeremiah Sabado

If you thought we were living in trigger-happy times before, you haven’t seen nothin yet. After a daunting election week, the Biden Harris party came out victorious, which felt like a huge sigh of relief for many Americans and a total disappointment to others.

Within minutes of the announcement, the social media war began. People were offended by others’ excitement, claiming that nothing would change with a “lesser evil” in office. Those celebrating the democratic victory got offended by this and wanted a moment to rejoice in Trump’s defeat. Then there’s the slew of MAGA-ites screaming about voter fraud and demanding a recount.. …

Exposing the silent killer keeps us from the freedom we deserve

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Photo shot by Jeremiah Sabado

There are certain things in life that are simply unavoidable in the human experience. Unfortunately, feelings of shame is one of them.

When considering it as a noun, shame can be defined as the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another.

Another definition is a fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret.

Shame is incredibly unpleasant, and for my life personally, dangerously familiar. As a recovering chronic perfectionist, I know shame all too well.

As I continue to grow more spiritually mature, I’m learning to look shame directly in the eye instead of wearing it around my being as a blanket to justify deeming myself as unworthy of the best things in life. Here are three facts about shame and how to practically overcome day by day by affirming yourself with truth, love, and patience. …

Yes, this is about how Jesus did what nothing else could

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“ALL IN YOUR HEAD” digital art by Ebony. Photo shot by Light.

I know misery all too well. For as long as I can remember, a dark cloud has followed me relentlessly, causing me to sulk into a deep state of grief and despair.

Growing up, I used my diary as an outlet to express all of what I was feeling when I could, and bottled up every negative thought or emotion when I couldn’t.

I don’t have a reference point for when this dark cloud started following me. …

Please Just Hear Me Out

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Photo shot by Jeremiah Sabado

It’s been over six months since the murder of Breonna Taylor and she still has not seen proper justice. A black woman lost her life and the white cops responsible for the crime are roaming free.

This is the American justice system we know all too well. We’ve seen it time and time again. Reliving the pain of each unlawful murder every time we see their faces and hear their names.

Our hearts grow heavier with every face that reminds us of our beloved family and friends. …

The Misconception of Black Girl Magic: A Journey Towards Redefining Self-Worth on My Own Terms

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Digital art by Ebony. Photos shot by Corey.

“I’ll wrestle you for your top”

“Where’d you get your pants? Well let me get yours off you.”

Both referring to silk garments, and in both instances I was made to feel very uncomfortable by elderly white women.

Being the young, insecure adolescent I was, my self-confidence came directly from people acknowledging my beauty.

If I wasn’t told, I didn’t believe it myself. I internalized societies standards of beauty and wanted so badly to be Becky with the good hair, not Ebony with the kinky coils and perm breakage.

So braids were my best friend for a very long time and my signature style, and believe me, I slayed the braids honey. …

But that’s great news, and there’s even better news.

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Photo by Ebony

As someone who has been a Kanye West fan for a decade (and counting), I once subscribed to popular, yet controversial, notion that I am a god.

Now that I’ve matured, I know that this ideology is clearly blasphemous –especially when referring to the big G version of God who can be defined as the Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

Like Kanye West, I am but a mere human being. A creation that is made in the image of the Supreme Being, who is God. By now you may be asking yourself

If I’m made in the image of God, doesn’t that make me a god too?

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“Double-Mindedness Leads to Destruction” graphic photo by Ebony.

I grew up seeing this conflict in the minds of mankind illustrated as an imaginary angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. The contrast between the two was obvious by their appearance of course — but even more so by their advice.

The angel encourages man to consider the consequences and reconsider the actions that his body is leading him towards. The demon, on the other hand, is urges man to just do it because it is far too desirable to pass up in that moment, purposely distracting man from dire consequences.

One thing that goes unnoticed in these comical scenarios is that this specific battle doesn’t begin until a seed of temptation gets planted in the conscious mind. When seeds of temptation are watered to become full grown weeds, innocence and purity gets choked out. …


Mildred X

An ambassador for Jesus Christ. A masterpiece on the conquest to master peace. I write about uncomfortable topics to ignite healing, repentance, and renewal.

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